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CREON – founded in 1989 – a private company specialized in air-conditioning, ventilation and air heating systems.
CREON activity comprises all subjects connected with this branch: beginning from the consultations through the designing, own production to the complex installations and services.

CREON speciality: air heating equipment and systems based on the air heaters or on the typical ventilation units to be used mainly in large size industrial, commercial, sacral and sports buildings.
Central air heating systems intended for detached houses, based on the gas vented heaters and heat pumps.

The company manufacture comprises: stationary air heaters, container air heaters, casting mould dryers, various elements of ventilation installations, tinned sheet ducts and ventilation ducts made of rigid foamed polyurethane as well as glass wool and mineral wool mats.

CREON commercial offer includes: stationary and mobile air heaters, ventilation units, full range of air-conditioning units, air dryers, air curtains, accessories and elements of ventilation installation, as well as fireplaces, fireboxes and wood stoves.

Services rendered by CREON:
•    Drying and heating of buildings under construction – hiring of mobile oil and electric heaters, dehumidifiers
•    Heating and cooling of fair, exhibitions and trade centres, including exhibition tents
•    Heating of concrete production plants
•    Servicing of various equipment connected with air treatment